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Scientific Editing provides high quality thesis editing services.

Why Have Your Thesis Edited?

Your thesis is perhaps the most important task you will undertake during your graduate studies. Despite all your hard work, grades, and research, if your thesis is not well written you may find that all your efforts fail to earn you your degree. Think of all the time and effort you put into writing your thesis, you want it to be the best it could possibly be. The problem with having your friends, family, or even colleagues proofread it, is that they have probably already done so numerous times before. Rereading something a hundred times over sometimes makes you blind to its mistakes and shortcomings. After you have spent months working on your thesis, you have probably looked at the same opening line for just as long. It might be time to let an unrelated professional in your field take a look at your thesis with a critical eye. Being stuck in an unproductive, positive feedback loop will delay the development of your thesis, or perhaps worse, make it more likely that your thesis is rejected. This is the worst fear of many students, whether you are a Masters student on your first draft or a veteran on the final revision of your PhD. Do not hesitate in taking this precaution, editing can save you both time and money in the long run.

Some may wonder about the ethical implications of editing services with regard to your thesis. However, please do not be alarmed. This is allowed, and encouraged, in most universities. You can take a look at the universities we have worked with in the past and you will find among them many distinguished and Ivy League institutions. Our aim is not the change your thesis to adapt it to our own ideas, rather we strive to make your voice clearer. We want readers to hear what you have to say, without the pesky hindrances of poor English or incomplete reasoning.

Your thesis is an important work in its own right, you may someday want to publish exerts from it through major publications in your following endeavors. It is widely considered good practice to have your thesis continually proofread, revised, and edited to ensure you are putting out your best work. Leaving a positive impression on both your professors and your peers can help further your career. This can, and very often does, lead to many opportunities in the future.

Are you afraid about the effects of plagiarism? We take all the precautions we possibly can to ensure that while you work is under our care it is safeguarded from all outside interference. We make sure that all the feedback that is given to you comes directly from our staff. There is no need to be concerned with the possibility that your work may be viewed by others. We take pride in ensuring your peace of mind. Your work will not be distributed or viewed in any way by individuals who may have the intention of stealing it. Other editing services may not take these precautions seriously, but we know the implications of such carelessness. If you have any concerns about this matter, feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have regarding our methods of encryption and our safeguarding practices.

How We Improve Your Thesis

There are some common misunderstandings about thesis editing services. For instance, some people seem to think that only students who have learned English as a second language need editing services. This is clearly not the case for many reasons, even native English speakers can be caught making grammar, spelling, or syntax errors, and it is nothing to be ashamed about! We have dealt with a wide array of clients and without a doubt, we have found that native English speakers benefit from our services.

When we review your thesis, we look for mistakes in grammar, spelling, syntax, and many other aspects of your language usage. You may have overlooked some of these mistakes, or you may not even know they are wrong in the first place. Sometimes, your language usage could be grammatically correct, but clunky or awkwardly worded. This can easily arise in some fields, especially STEM related studies. Although something may make sense to you, it might not be as clear as possible. You want to avoid vague or arbitrary language where ever possible, remember, your thesis is supposed to portray your argument, so you want it to be as air tight as it can be.

We also review your argument. If there are any holes in your reasoning or shortcomings in your position, we will let you know. One of the main advantages of our service is that our staff have gone through the same process you are going through right now. We are professionals in the STEM fields and can understand your topics and arguments better than someone who is simply reviewing your English. Your thesis will undergo a critical analysis that can help you see your work from a different perspective. We will give you notes on all these critiques and help you enhance your thesis to match the work of our trained professionals. Keep in mind, we also work with researchers and have edited submissions to scientific journals, so you can rest assured on the standard of our quality.

ESL Learners

Are you struggling to complete your graduate degree? Although we do not work exclusively with students who are have learned English as a second language, we do have extensive experience with them. ESL students face unique challenges in communication and writing, and we are here to help. Our services are extensive, we will help improve all aspects of your language delivery. A graduate degree is hard enough in your native language, but in a second language there is a whole other dimension of difficulty. We are here to ensure your voice gets heard. We will analyze your work and ensure the intention of your words is not obscured by your language usage.

Even if you completed your undergraduate degree in your native language, English fluency is one of the most sought-after skills in the modern global market. Completing your degree in English can be a difficult task, but it is definitely worth it in the long run if you take a look at the current job market. Even overlooking this fact, some of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the world operate in English, and it can be quite the achievement to earn a degree from them. Despite all the benefits of completing your degree in English, some are deterred by the additional work necessary to achieve this. You can count on us!

We understand your predicament. On top of all your insecurities about language usage, you also have to stay up to date with the normal workload every grad student struggles to keep up with. This is why ESL learners can particularly benefit from thesis editing services. Your graduate degree is a way for you to become comfortable communicating in English, especially concerning STEM fields. In the future, as a scientist or other researcher, you may have to produce papers for journals in English, this is why it is so important to put out your best work during your graduate degree. We also offer services concerning editing and enhancing your submissions to scientific journals, so you can rest assured knowing we work with some of the top ESL professionals in STEM fields.

Do not suffer alone. Spend your time working on expanding your knowledge in your chosen field and putting together your thesis, let us worry about editing your thesis with the analytic eye it needs. We also work with students who are native English speakers, so you know you are not getting a second-tier service. We use the same strict standards of quality for our ESL clients that we use for everyone else, so you can be certain your thesis will be as good, if not better than your native speaking peers.

How Our Services Work

Unlike other services, our team is comprised entirely of STEM graduates. Whether you are studying Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Biology, or any other field in the realm of STEM studies, we have a staff member who can accommodate you. Unlike with other fields, STEM students face unique challenges. You do not want an editor who is just critiquing your language, especially if they do not know what the language of your particular field means, or is intended to mean. We provide a highly sought-after service, as very few editing services that deal exclusively with academic content also specialize with STEM topics. Most of the time, students are forced to rely on their professors or peers to guide them through their editing process, however these people may not be the only people that will review your thesis when it comes time to defend it. You want as many skilled eyes on your thesis as possible, but this can be challenging if, for example, you go to a smaller university or your field is very restricted. We want to make academic life fair and even the playing field for students who need access for top notch thesis editing services.

We will take your document and review your language usage, including grammar, spelling, syntax, and all other aspects of proper language to ensure you are producing a thesis in line with all English conventions. We will also review any other part of your thesis specified, are you having trouble working on a particular argument? Are you unsure if you have patched all the holes in your reasoning? Is your professor giving you vague advice? Do you just want someone to tell you if your argument makes sense, or if you are off the mark and by how far? Do not worry about it. Contact us with the details of the type of review you would like, and we will do our utmost best to ensure you receive it. We strive to make this process as custom as your want it to be, explain your concerns and we will tailor our service to meet all of them.

Concerned about a deadline?

Are you running on a deadline? We cater to that too. If you have to meet a deadline urgently and you need to ensure that you receive your feedback on time, we provide a rush service. For an additional fee, you can have your wait time cut down so you can meet your deadline on time. Our wait period also depends on the length of your thesis, feel free to look over the pricing section of our site and you will find that we cater to everything from under 500 words to up to 20,000 words, depending on your needs.

Once you have your feedback feel free to contact us again. You can make changes to your thesis and incorporate other changes as recommended by your professors, and this can have a significant impact on your thesis. Feel free to come back to us for another round of feedback. We are always happy to see how your ideas and arguments grow and develop as time goes on. If you are dissatisfied with the feedback we have given you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we strive to ensure all out clients receive the same, premium care.

Do you have any additional concerns you would like to go over? Contact us today. If you want to know particulars of our service or if you have a custom order you would like us to consider, reach out to us. We want to make this as easy and as painless as possible. We know that choosing the right editing service to work on your thesis can be difficult. We want to work with you to ensure our service has made a positive and lasting impression on your academic career.


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It was an excellent service. I am very satisfied with the edited version of my thesis. My editor gave me lots of useful and clear advice and scientific feedback.

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My allocated editor did an excellent job. His editing was very accurate and clear. He explained my mistakes to help me avoid them in the future.

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Great work!

Thank you a lot for editing my thesis and providing very helpful feedback

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Scientific Editing has helped me with editing twice. The first time was my paper and the second time was my thesis. Each time, they did a great job.